Kamis, 29 Desember 2016

My Mom's Cat is My house hero

Why I call my mom's cat is a hero? Because many times we have enemy. Our house enemy is rats. So many rats at our house. So we shocked when a rat run on the floor. I hate it. I feel my house so dirty.

I never see the cat bites the rat. Dont imagine Ton and Jerry. It is so helpfull to have a cat. Actually the cat comes to our house. We dont know whoes cat it is. But my mom always give food when the cat comes. So we call with my mom's cat.

I never imagine that A cat can help us. So Thank you cat.
My mom's cat
The cat is my mom'friend.

My mom's cat
After take some pictures . The cat run to our back door.
Actually i searched the cat yesterday. But the cat didnt show up.
Yeay my 77 posting blog. It is my challenge. Say congratulation to my self.

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  1. Iya ya, kucing memang suka begitu tiba-tiba datang ke rumah. Padahal mungkin dia ada pemiliknya, hahaha. Bagus kalau ada kucing bikin tikus takut. Di sini sih tikus-tikusnya gak takut sama kucing, bahkan sama anjing, hehehe :p


komen donk :)


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