Selasa, 27 Maret 2012

u should have pin cushion

hallo, nice to share with you all.
So nice day. U know as new in sewing word. sometime we don't know what should we have? ok it is about our beloved save pin. ya it is not so expensive but sometime if we don't have the place for safe it. may be we will not know one by one lost. small and easy for falling down. And it is danger for kids. and also danger for foot. so you should need pin cushion.
this is my tips to make pin cushion .
1. Don't using foam because it can make your pin become rusty
don't using it
2. Using dacron  . it is good for pin.

ok i share my pin cushion

it is dacron or silicon for other name

my artistic picture heheheh

for my save pin cushion place

ok many tutorial for make pin cushion. So u need it . ok. some day i will make beautiful and cute pin cushion. :D nice to share with you.

Kamis, 22 Maret 2012

2 side bag

haiiiiiiii every body
wanna tell you about new product from me
yeayyyyyyyyyyyy 2 bag
with 2 side purple and red

u can change your bag color just in minute. ok :)
contact me in
                     or 085267836339

Rabu, 21 Maret 2012

a magazine

So happy i got a magazine on last Tuesday. i joined mbak Hany Giveaway. and become one of the winners. Two winners in that's Giveaway.
New hampshire ToDo Magazine

nice with honey-honeysweety bag :)

my conversation with delivery pos man
mr.pos : Hello
me       : ya
mr.pos : 2 letters. 1 for Ms .Y ( my aunty) and 1 for Dita. Who you are?
me       : I am Dita
mr.pos : Full name
me       : dita bla..bla..
mr.pos : from america

So happy . it can help me to studying english :) . I need dictionary to read it . Found something new about other place. Imagine go there for spend vacation  :) . And the one thing made me get interested is how can people swim in pool around the snow. may be its like in hot springs.  :) happy day.

Kamis, 08 Maret 2012

#4 special pencil

wow, i got dizzy because confuse what should write in my blog? lost idea.  from 30 posting i have written 4  posting. it has march 8th 2012 . Idea is simple thing from. Sometime we think "oh i can make it." , "why she made it?" ,  because she made it first become a thing. why handmade different with same idea?  because every human is different.

so i will show a pencil. it can write in fabric. it help me when making line of  ' kampuh 'or hem  ( space from cutting to  pattern around 2-4 cm) . its fabric chalk. Before i was using it

and now i have new thing for help me sewing. its look like simple pencil with special function. And i have it now
actually when i saw, its for glass , leathe, cerami, metal and plactic.
So for fabric??? i don't know. But avalaible in my sewing course.
it is Joyko product PG-100

don't need sharpener because the pencil cover from paper, not same as usually pencil.

ok Happy sewing :)

Sabtu, 03 Maret 2012

Tie dye

Beautiful sunday. ya many people go to wedding party this is day or dating with boyfriend. But i also have beautiful sunday as my version ;) . Look this is pic. i love it. give color in fabric. So nice , experience with color.

or u can see the tutorial at Youtube :)
i get it from cant download :(  oneday i will try it with wantek ( for coloring the fabric)
its also call by tye die, shibori in Japan.

so nice to see tie dye tutorial.  now tie dye fashion is popular . i see girl that using hijab also use it. So cool :).
i need the die, white fabric, and getting experiment :).
by the way , my friends wedding parrty this is day. so the party in the night. Can not wait it. to see her with white dress.

fabric time

So nice to spend my times for searching some fabric. Not so much choice in that is market. But found some fabric that i like. And the bad thing, hard to get the cheap. Found 1 shop that is selling a cheap fabric that is  cotton (without pattern). Her shop is cheaper than other shop. And found one shop that has cute fabrics. But hard to get discount.
I hope can go to Tanah Abang Market. I have gone to Cipadu Market. And wanna go again. May be fabric market is like heaven for sewing.

I  am falling love with this is love pattern in first sight
and chose it.

 I chose it becouse I thing its good for practice. 

i chose it in the last. Actually i saw other fabric with white polka in orange fabric. but not mix in price.
so I was alone bought it in market. not so relax when bought  it. because the seller's assistant was focus just in me. 

Jumat, 02 Maret 2012

30 Posting

why 30 posting? that is my target for this s blog. i have some blogs. 3 blogs oh not i have 4 blogs. But just 2 of them are active. Actually this is blog a prize for some one special. ya u know what. he is lazy to write with busy reason :P . i love this is blog , so that is why i m continue to write in this is blog.
Oh this is day , i am so happy, oh i am one of the winners in Hany blog.  Thanks so much Mbak Hany. This is the third times i m become the winner of giveaway.
Thanks Allah to give me beautiful day. i hope u give me many happiness

so happy blogging :) 

u can make free log0 in


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