Rabu, 29 Februari 2012

what i did with my bottle?

huf i have no mood for sewing so i was trying made a thing with bottle. i know i have waste many bottles to garbage. just trying to recycling bottles. i used 2 bottles for made piggy bank money. Or in Indonesia we call it with "celengan" . no sewing just gluing it.
2 plastic bottle

how it work
1. cut bottle
2. glue the zipper
3. glue the lace

using it for coin

just try it . with your creation . simple and useful.
u don't need buy. Just using something around u. love earth and do recycling.
And also save your koin. 

Minggu, 19 Februari 2012

my Pillow

ok i made some pillow , inspirited by valentine

ready of stock
just contact me 

Sabtu, 18 Februari 2012

tricks for your scale ruler

hi friends
In the cool morning because we was getting rain in the morning.
in Sunday rainy morning. it made me stay in my bed. ok i will give u a tricks for you scale ruler. i have one, it is made by paper. so easily damaged. because i bring it always in my sewing bag. and the problem my scale ruler is longer than my bag.
it is red one, my first scale ruler

look in the picture . it is become 2 part. becouse  i always folded it in the half. So what we can do by it???
do not be sad friends.

so u can look my new scale ruler
in here we call it with laminating
we go to store that receive service laminating
usually the type of store, also selling stationery.
it is cheap and make you scale ruler become durable

simple dress

i made 3 target in this is week. 2 target in sewing , sewing trouser and 1 dress. i started sewing from the dress i need with not so much complicated design. 1 simple dress and it has finished this s morning. oh i m so happy. i get 1 of my target. but unhappiness comes from my trouser. i have not finished that target. so i got the fabric from  Anyar market with 20.000 rupias/meter. not so expensive , i m using 2 m for made it. its made me wanna make again and again with different type clothes.
so if u starting to make your dress. but u are confidence. try to make simple one and using low cost fabric.
step by step by learning.
practice make perfect. in sewing u need more practice. so for first step buy low costly fabric.
u can cut that as u like. and don,t give up.
sometime i made so many mistake. i should remove the thread cos that is out from the line. but u should sure u can make dress. and happy sewing friends :)

Minggu, 05 Februari 2012

flannel bow tutorial

ok yuk seeing my tutorial . i hope u can be understand with my tutorial. i like blogspot cos can edit themes and easy to find setting. u look same change in my blog.
ok see it

yup beginilah caranya pita dari flannel.
ok lets try at home :)

craft in sunday

wuihhh this s day, its realy enjoy my day. i was making some of ribbons for my bedroom's door . and i have finished sewing my clothes from cheap fabric thats buy by kilos not meter. so nice,  i read a blog sewing from Indonesia , her name is Ana arsanti. she said make a simple project clothes for begginer in sewing. so i try to made simple one. and the result make me happy. and show up to my family. my aunty and  granmother said "oh so nice, lets making for me" they give me a request.
for this s day i will show how to make ribbons . i know japant craft book is one of good book . cos they show to made by picture . now i want to try make tutorial by pic.

temen-temen rasanya kurang lengkap kalo tak berbahasa Indonesia. I love bahasa Indonesia. saya juga ingin membagi pengetahuan saya , walaupun cuman sedikit. yuk dilihat tutorial membuat pita. saya gunakan untuk ditempel di depan pintu kamar saya.
hari ini emang enjoy bener setelah berhasil membuat baju untuk saya sendiri.

baju yang saya buat, ini  bener pas badan ada kupnat di bagian belakang. hihhi ini dari bahan kiloan kalau mau beli di Tangerang ada di denyul. enaknya kalau di toko tsb ada stock baru.sekarang sih masih yang lama.


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