Senin, 30 Mei 2011

monday craft for my spirit

ohhh so lazy , this s day, i fell so weak. i don't know why. ok its my craft. i saw many blog there r many women sewing clothes. i m jealous to them.. hemmm my plan to sew course should be canceled cos i m still waiting a news. but i still get interest with sewing. when i can sew my own clothes, i m lazy buying at store cos my size and also my budget . i m so lazy to try clothes in trying room. ohhh so nooooooooo now i become fat and the bad thing, my clothes become small.... :)
ok look my craft
the bad chick is the green one... i m seeing tutorial in free ebook. i made this craft to make me get spirit. the green one is last chick that i made, so thats times i have lost my energy.
sorry with my bad english, 

Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

mouse part 2

ok i found this s tutorial  i like mouse in flannel. so i made again mouse
and i also saw tutorial about ribbon butterfly bow in here
they r so nice to give tutorial abt flannel

Selasa, 24 Mei 2011

Innocentia first blogiversary giveaway

ok give away and give away
i like it
so see Innocentia first giveaway cek in here
u will be like it
hope i can win it
lets join together

ok so lets go to her blog

Tuesday craft

i hope u r not boring with my flannel post. i made candy, but its like product failure. :-D so long times not see this s candy wrapper . this s candy wrapper ,popular when i was in kindergarten but some issue told to be careful with this s wrapper. after that i m seldom to see this s wrapper. why i m not satisfied with yellow flannel.

am i beautiful???
i hope become happy 
enjoy my life :)

Senin, 23 Mei 2011

my smile ice cream

ok its 2 ice cream. we love ice cream. i love to made it. share flannel with me. just enjoy it. hmmm after got some test i want some fress thing . so i made it for my free time. all ice creams smile cos they r happy. they  made other happy. smileeeeeeeeeee... have a nice day.

my flannel mouse

hihihi may be its mouse, sweet mouse. made it just for some munite.  blog.  i was blogging and found her. i was forgot. she share ebook and i made from that. ok its my tutorial
i was using ex paper :? cos my uncle was wrong to print

cuting flanel as pattern

after that sew one part to other part
heheheh and eng ing eng
i edited picture in picasa 
ok enjoy with flannel
its my first tutorial 
do u understand? 

Kamis, 19 Mei 2011

secret project give away from cemprut

ok i dont know

this s month, i see many give away, so why nt to join it also

it s from Cemprut

let s join , just klik the link in here

so enjoy with give away, let s go!!!!

u can read in there what should do if u want to join, some criteria. its easy.

go thereeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rabu, 18 Mei 2011

give away from DUnia Kecil Indi

ok i like Dunia Kecil Indi. she is book author. u can open her give away here. so nice to open her blog. nice to see her spirit, abt her diesease. she have scoliosis but with that s condition, she is still smile, enjoy here life. but why i always want to back her blog cos i want to see her clothes. she sew her clothes by her design. every time i see her clothes, i dont know why i think she is become her self with her clothes.she isnt following other fashion who dont make me understand why they wear thats clothest (beribet banget nie kalimat, kalian ngerti kan???). she wear simple clothes but so sweet. she is like alice in wonderland. i have no read her book cos now Book center is far from here, and i cant go alone there. also my budget is one of problem :) . but i always interested abt her clothes.
u can see her gv away here. i hope someday she will write abt her sew activity or her clothes design. i hope have spirit as big as her. nice to read indi blog. she always replay ur comments.  every blog who replay comments her reader , i fell a friendly blogger. ok just check her give away and enjoy it, gooooooooooooooo
eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit wait a minute. i tell u about her book title, they are WAKTU AKU SAMA MIKA and KARENA CINTA ITU SEMPURNA. if some day u find in book store, she is author thats books. check now

what is it?

actually what is it? i want to make owl but why its out from my design of owl. i made it but some of part got problem. u see the nose, its for koala nose nt owl. nose inverted (terbalik) ohh poor me. its my first time to made owl in medium size, i always made small size before.
ist koala or owl?
its strange hahaha

Senin, 16 Mei 2011

holiday with craft

ohh i have litle time to made craft. so i got ebook from online shop.i bought some craft materials. so they give ebook as free. so i made sheep. why sheep? u know in one of television station , i watched shoun sheep. smart sheep with dog. so funny, but they always repeat same episode, make me felt bored. ok this s sweety and sheep. they r happy in holiday. i made sheep as keychains.  
hmm i love craft

Jumat, 13 Mei 2011

my cake

ohhh this s night , i was so confused. come or not. ok i will share my cake . i made it from flannel. i was so happy when made it cos i m enjoy. ok see it. 
donut. i like donat cos its easy and so color full. just gv toping.
its my  cake or bolu gulung. hmm i think i hv made so big. becouse its like real size

i m still interested with flannel. so i will make another thing from flannel. i dont hv flannel book but i just saw tutorial, many free ebook, but more good if have a flannel book. i still looking other creation. they r so nice.
i hope can make my personaly design for flannel. so enjoy making craft. 
u can share with me a tutorial. if u dont know i will make for u a tutorial. its easy. u can ask also :D so let share with me

Kamis, 12 Mei 2011

my brooches

i m so interested with craft
after i try with flannel, i try with brooches, its still not perfect. i bought all tools and beads at online store. actually i will satisfied if i see the beads directly. i wish can buy beads in offline store. i mean in market. cos i was nt satisfied with beads picture. i cant imagine  the beads size.  but for beginner, its ok to buy in on line shop. when buy at on line shop we should be carefull cos we need see again and again before we chose thats the right. hmmm i still have stock for make brooches. u know i also hv fail brooches. i hope step by step my brooches become perfect. many of tutorial to make brooches so searching it from one of Indonesia 's blog. i like making brooches cos its lost my stress, i m become enjoy, and laught when i make bad one

Rabu, 11 Mei 2011


its from MYURBAY

let check it
there are 2 category
u can choose
lets enjoy with this s give away
she will give pillow for the winner
lets join :)
ok go to her site


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