Senin, 29 November 2010

changing picture

nothing to do in free time. i try to change my picture into old picture. just give your face, i find the site so i try in this s site, u can change into many old version. hahahhaa
i choosed it
its not my pic, who is she???
its funny

Minggu, 28 November 2010

wear headscraft

hmmm i think pashmina is popular now for coveread head. so i have found some of hijab blog use pashmina, n i also looking how to wear also in you tube, the video is from style covered. its so nice, but i have no pashmina so cant practical it in home . so nice to see many kind of hijab.

ohwww its my first time to gv youtube video on my blog

idly by honey and sweety

hmmmmmmmmmm i want eat it

my friend say the name's of this s food is idly. its from south indian food. how is the taste? i dont know :-)
some day i wanna to eat it. he told me about dosa also. when i saw the picture in the first, i guessd it s from rice. is it same with serabi from indonesia? let see the pic?
this s pic from this s site
serabi is from rice flour,wheat flour n coconut milk.
n next question is t same with pancake?
this s pic from this s site
this  are  the  pics  of  the  idly a famous south indian food,its really very much tasty,with idly 2 types of liquids are given for taste,its known as chatni,its tasty and yummi.i like this much.

Senin, 01 November 2010

halloween n the day of the dead

ohhh may be so late to post it, but just for information. halloween is holiday. halloween celebrate on October 31, so i have late 2 days. it is celebrated in united states, Great Britany and other English-speaking country. i read in some blog, on halloween, some people will using ghost costume, n they will decoration their home with ghost topic. but they also prepare some sweet, its like candy for children. so i saw in some blog, in fashion blog, they posted halloween costume, in craft blog, they posted how to make decoration for halloween.

but in mexico, they celebrate El dia de los muertos, or the day of the dead. they cebrate during 3 days so from october 31st to November 2nd. its little bit same. they also give candy for children. in the day of the dead , they have special cake, they called with pan de muertos or bread of the dead.
i got the picture from here


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