Minggu, 25 Desember 2011

for your hair

u can see what i m using before and after. dont laught ok :DPhotobucket

 u know i have medium long hair but need it when i feel hot. u know Indonesia is a tropic area so it  help me so much. i made 2 , may be my grandmother also needs it. its still simple one. i hope can make it better later with some accessories .
i use residual fabric, so its easy. 


isnt it beautiful in my hair?
u can see tutorial at verypurple person . its nice using in the beach with my Bag also. u should remain my last post about bag.  match it with bag and it :) . i dont know the name in english we call it with kuncit rambut in Indonesia.

nice Sunday :)

Rabu, 14 Desember 2011

bag handmade

i like free tutorial and free pattern
so i made it with Verypurpleperson pattern
i hv done some mistake when made it and wanna make some of this s bag again

ok u r seeing, wrinkeled bag. i was using this s bag when i went to Bangka Island. poor me i dont hv pic with my bag in beach :)
so long times not write in this s blog. ok see u in my new posting


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