Sabtu, 16 April 2011

give away pojok utak atik

actually i hv visited her blog before it so much, i know in her blog there are some her interview with other crafter. so inspiratif.  hmmm many of blogger have posted this s give away. hmmm so nice to know about give away from pojok utak atik , mbak hanny von gillern's blog. i m joining in this s give away. i m still begginer  in craft and handmade word. but i m so interested with craft. let see ..
 first winner will get it

and for second winner will get

actually i know it first from mbak fitri cos i follow her 
let join it , together with me. i hope i will become the winner. ok so she will be telling u the winner on may 1st, 2011. hurry up let see her blog. dont say i m a queen of give away. :-D hahhaha. it s chance for u and me , so just try. i will be using the materrial for craft if i m the winner. hihihi cos now i just have flanel. but from little we can make the best. step by step. ok go go go 

Kamis, 14 April 2011




I  NEVER  MEAN  TO  SAY  YOU..........



Senin, 11 April 2011


i used scrapblog online. its easy. 
but i m still interested with scrapbook handmade.
my theme is flower.
i like flower and litle girl. 
scrapbook is creativity with paper, design, picture, frame, word , type fonts, etc
handmade that made by happiness will become enjoying activity. spent time with enjoy. 

Rabu, 06 April 2011

my neon girl

i like drawing, so if last post just with 3 ways to made picture. now i m editing with other web
1. draw in paint
2. using photoshop
3. using picasa
4. using photobucket
neon remain me with light in my childhood.



Photobucketneon girl

the original pic

note: pls give me  more tutorial
which one do u like?


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