Sabtu, 30 Oktober 2010

paint combination with phothoshop

so i took 1 picture , i drew in paint after that i added flower picture from other pic,
hehehe still about headbands
n with japanese lip
i saw in girl magazine about japanese lip
n thats so unique lip
cos just used lipstick in the middle of lip
n its like heart shape

Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010

black n white

hmm its my idea
just with 2 colors, we can make a picture
so i made 2 picture who use just 2 colors : black n white
1 dominant with black n other dominant with white

its dominant with black, 
i give title is black night (hmm general title) 
 n this one dominant with white

the title is dry

my girl

i like drawing, since i was in kindergarten, i m also like other child who drawing in wall, but my mom never compalind. i drew in paint program in my computer. i drew 2 girl n one view with little girl.
apple tree
just my imagin cos i never see apple tree

girl with two colour hair 
yellow n orange
hihihi i drew girl who use headbands
many girls use craft headbands
n thats so unique
when i can make my headbands?
i like drawing 

my photoshop

ok i will share about my photoshop, still learn about photoshop.... the title is baby butterfly
i combained 3 picture become 1 picture, so taraaaa
i love purple
i know its not perfect photshop
ok... wait for my other photoshop edit picture...

Kamis, 28 Oktober 2010

formal dress man part2

ok i just try. its so simple, just need
1. white shirt
2. black trouser
3. red tie

why i chosen red tie?
cos i was bored with black tie

hmm use vermilion tie , i mean bright red tie, so simple
the  picture from here n here
i hope u like
i think every man has white shirt n black trouser
hihihi :-)
remain, i m not fashion style
so i choose general

Rabu, 27 Oktober 2010


Our country so beautiful. God give us many thing. october, i fell this s month full with rainy. but sun come early every morning. but sad story, yesterday, in mentawai island , mentawai near with sumatra island. there are  earthquake n tsunami , i m sorry to hear that.  n merapi mountain in java island. cloud heat from merapi mountain made many people   pass away. many people r be evacuated now. i hope they safe now in barracks. sorry if my english so bad. 

Senin, 25 Oktober 2010

casual clothes

hmmm for casual clother, if i go to somewhere, excample for traveling, i suggest to not wear shirt but u can wear tshirt n casual trouser. pratical to wear. so u can wear different style when u go to formal or non formal situation. hmm

ok its from my editing photo
i got this pic from here n here
i hope u like it
smile plzzz

formal dress man

ok in first i want to say , i m not sure with my choosen, but i hope u like it, may be u will give me many complain cos my style isnt so good. u must know i never do it. ok hope u like.

i used photoshop to edit some of pic....  :-)
do u like?
i m not fashion style

Minggu, 24 Oktober 2010

happy new blog

For my special one, happy new blog, i hope with blog we will get more knowladge. share knowladge with each other. smile please. i know thats u like very much i give u a flower from me
its a present for u from me
ok i hope u r continuesly to write in this blog if not i will be angry so much
( :-) just kidding ok!!!! life also needs joke.


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