Selasa, 18 Januari 2011

my butterfly, dolphin,flower and apple

i got it

i joined give away , n i got. so happy .
its from mogus world
i still learn to made from it
i try with hand knitting
i saw in youtube to made.
thanks mogus world
so nice to see ur blog


why my chick look shock. cos this s morning, newborn  chicks. 
where is my mom? 

mom n sweet little girl

i got idea to made it from other blog, she made many thing from flanel. i try to make also. so its mine. but i think its not so cute, i need study more to make it.
i love u mama

my elephant

wuihhhhhhhhhhhhh. is it elephant? yes
its my pink elephant. when i can go to elephant park? in bali ? in way kambas lampung?or in india?
i got idea to made pink elephant from elephant cartoon movie, but i was forgot the name.

honey , my love for u

made craft again... i made many love. pink love, red love, purple love, blue love, orange love n yellow love.

honey, do u like my love???
love, love, n love. love never die

my owl

it s my first craft that i show in my blog. its from flanel. many craftsman has using it for made craft. i m so happy. i hope i can make many craft. i made my owl. its easy. i draw background picture for my owl. its 4 owls on tree.

the green owl is the older. background for second n third picture is my origami paper. i hope can make many kind of craft. for first step , i made from flanel. oh ya who interested to buy my owl u can contact me.


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