Sabtu, 17 Mei 2014

Pay it Forward (part 1)

why i should give part 1 in the title. cos i am not ready for open mine. i just wanna posting pay it forward from Una ( )

thanks Una 
i will open my pay it forward part 2 later, coz i should prepare the gift for 5 blogger :)

Jumat, 09 Mei 2014

yoneyama kyoko'doll

hari sabtu, mupeng liat buku-buku craft  jepang di toko online. Terutama buku bikin boneka yang harganya aduhai mahal jih. muter -muter dri toko yang satu ke toko yang lain tetep mahal : D . Nah sekarang lagi mupeng banget nie ama buku-buku ini.
i love it
hi seeing some of this book in online shopping. books from japan.  books expensive . i dont know the title of book. but seeing in google , these book called by Yoneyama.

wishlist book
some online shopping said this product is no longer in stock, or last item.  i should save money if i want buy it. may be many ebook outside. but still wanna the original one. paper book still best for me because i can touch the book.

should save in piggy bank money :-P
this is cute thats cute
all is cute

luv it
 i dont know why my blog audience is many from Russian, hiiii :)
cute doll


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