Minggu, 23 Oktober 2011

what did i bring from cipadu?

Cipadu is a market that sells a variety of sewing tools and materials. actually located far away from my house i went with my  sewing class  friends to go there. there are more kind of fabric than at Tangerang  dan cheaper than Tangerang. so we found 1 small shop with jersey materials, they sell the material with kilos not meters. i thought thats cheaper. but for sewing the jersey materials need special sewing machine. i have no machine but prepare if i have machine some days :P .  we also found the japan zippers . its cheaper there. oh i wanna go there again but so far. yuk look what i brought from there.
i should take some of the pic with this fabric to show the colour

i just have plan to made baby clothes. 
cipadu ,,,, i wanna go there again :)

neci and obras

when my teacher told me to neci in hand dress part, i was confuse, whats neci? 
we call it s with neci,neci function to cover part of the sides of the pattern so it looks nice eventhought  not folded piece of cloth into the clothes, so we dont need obras when using neci
we call it with obras
Obras function to cover the sides of the pattern pieces so it looks neat
obras in side the clothes so we willnt showing the obras when we using the clothes.
its different neci and obras. neci outside and obras inside. 

ok i have been try google translate. 
ok see you :)
about my blog, u know why found a malware thats why i deleted my favorite site cos after that my blog become normal.  

Minggu, 16 Oktober 2011

pencil case

from flannel with name
my sister friends order this pencil case.
kotak pensil-kotak pensil yang diberi nama

my sister complane . she ask why so slow?
oh it cant be so fast
her friends has askd her
hihi sorry my sister
i hv new activity
i also missing my sewing class
of course my friends in sew class
i miss u all
yuk di order u can send massage in my email 

Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011

yuk dipilih-pilih

hihihi ok saya sudah memutuskan yntuk menggunakan nama blog ini honey-honeysweety handamade sebagai merek craft saya. pesenan pertama dari temen-temen adik saya sedang proses . ternyata ngak gampang tapi semangat.
donat-donat dan bando

Selasa, 04 Oktober 2011


ok my sister told me to sent again my donut, cos her friends interest with flannel donuts. so i made it with my own label honey-honeysweety handmade .
Rp. 5000
yuk yummy :) 

Minggu, 02 Oktober 2011

love origami

i dont know why my popular post in my blog is about love. i know love topic never die. so i should study cos tommorow i will get test. oh i m so nervouse. hope i give the best. i can do that ok. i should. ok love have inspirited me to made love origami. oh i dont like leaving my blog without give one post :). so in this s beautiful sunday. i made it with love.

oh i should back to study :) see you guys . oh bad news , i try to made google adsense for this s blog but they didnt accept me. oh poor me. they said my blog language : p huff but i have cash out from chatting site that give earning for chat there. u can clik birejji barrner  in my blog. ok study. i should study  civic education . bye2 see you soon with new craft. i love craft. 


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