Senin, 28 November 2011

pencil case !! made by order

posting in the midnight. huaaaaah many people have been sleeping in this's time. but i am still opening my laptop. checking anything facebook, twitter, blog, idpanel, advertising site also . oh so many account to check.  i have a book that i write all my account, cos i scare forget id and password.  can u count?  how many accounts that u have? how many site? ok leave that
so i made some pencil case. my sister's order. i gave button and sew with machine.
ok see it, u can also order with your name.

 and the packaging

good night

Kamis, 24 November 2011

sewing machine

oh ya yesterday i have finished my basic exam for sewing. in one day i should made house dress. the first step i made the pattern with other size, not my size. second i cut the fabric according the pattern. its not hard for me, cos it was so little times but should finished. actually it  is not so hard but i should finished. i made pattern and cutting the fabric with well. but the problem was sewing that become one. and we call it with house dress. i made some mistake.  but the big problem how to stitching in hand sleeve part. oh it spend much times for me.
u know we still using old sew machine for sew . u know in the night all my calf become so pain. just for walking it was so tired and pain. thats why i need new friend at home for help for sewing
actually in the first time i have planed to buy S brand but change when i come in sewing machine's shop 

yup its my new friend . 
note: if u wanna buy sewing machine. u can find it in Toko Tiga Street , near with Glodok at jakarta. 
cos i bought from there. they will tell you how to using sew machine.
i suggest to buy sewing machine in specialty store sewing machine
cos generally they also accept to repaire the machine when it get problem
ok see you 
happy thursday :)

Rabu, 16 November 2011

capung mungil giveaway

yuk join giveaway. u will like it.

Capungmungil Giveaway on Innocentia

she is creative girl
made craft from flannel
and so educative 

Minggu, 13 November 2011

bird keychains

monday came again.  I made this key chain. i should made some handmade thing again but really lazy, hmmm basic lazinessI hope Monday is full of spirit at workkeep trying and trying again.

the ingredients
1. button
2. flannel
3. needle
4. thread
5. dacron

yuk do activity !!! with good activities. !!!
move!!!and enjoy ur days


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