Sabtu, 28 Maret 2015

EF#12 How i go to every where?

Indonesia's transportation is popular with crowded transportation. I had experience with Tangerang to Jakarta transportation. When i worked in Jakarta, at Kebon Jeruk. I should change 3 times cars for go to my office. And it can be 4 kind of transportation when back to home. ohh that is a concequenci life in town site

Now i m working in a school, that  not so far from my house. I can use motorcycle. it needs around 15 minute to go to my school. Here angkot ( a car who can  share with some people inside) and ojek ( motorcyle) as public transportation.

When I don't have motorcycle already. I always used angkot or ojek. I should  go early time if using angkot. Because  in here the car always stop in front of cluster's gate. And Ojek is so expensive for me. And I also don't like Ojek's manner.

The rider of Ojek show selfies manner. Many of them (not all ok) show angryness. My friend had experience, the driver of Ojek throw her money as payment into road. it is happened because the driver of ojek thought payment is so little.

ok tips for using Ojek:
1. Ask first for payment
2. Just be carefull
3. In here so many of them , drive in bad way
4. Using same Ojek ( if you have routin using it)

And angkot just operation until 06.00 pm. After that just Ojek. It is like ojek monopoly system of transportation in the night at Citra Raya.
pic from here

Kamis, 26 Maret 2015

#7 Lubang Buaya

         Sangat tertarik, dulu waktu masih SD guru ku pernah bercerita tentang lubang buaya, desa Lubang Buaya yang letaknya dinilai strategis bagi sang organisasi saat itu. Saya tidak tahu sejarah yang mana yang benar, yang saya tahu ini lah sejarah resminya. Yang pasti saya tidak bisa membayangkan sesuatu yang hanya saya dengar dari guru saya di pedalaman Sumatera kala itu, yang tidak bisa membayangkan bakal gimana kehidupan saya ke depan. Ya Pak Guru, saya di sini sekarang melihat yang kau ceritakan selama ini.

          Mendengar cerita dan melihat dioramanya, bagaimana keadaan saat itu membuat saya bergidik merinding dari pada melihat lubang buaya itu sendiri. Apapun sejarahnya sebenarnya bagaimana. Tetap saja banyak orang yang menjadi korban. Keganasan manusia, membunuh terlihat begitu mudah. Dari cerita orang-orang yang lebih tua dan mendengarkan saja sangat mengerikan.

Nah inilah runtunannya ketika mengunjungi lubang buaya:

  1. Saya melewatkan bagian bayar-membayarnya karena saya berbarengan dengan anak sekolah.
  2. Kemudian kita memasuki Gedung yang tertulis paseban dengan huruf yang besar.
  3. Kemudian di gedung ini kita diajak menonton ( salah satu siswa bahkan tidak tahan melihat film ini sendiri, walaupun saya tahu banyak scene yang hilang)
  4. Setelah itu kita diajak melihat baju-baju para jenderal
  5. Nah kemudian kita berkeliling melihat foto-foto, serta kata-kata salah satu jenderal. Serta foto-foto jenderal.
  6. kemudian karena hujan kita melewati gedung satu lagi dari belakang, jadi di sini banyak sekali diorama mengenai masa-masa itu yang seharusnya  menceritakan kejadian dari awal hingga akhir maka kita sebaliknya , kita malah melihat kejadiannya dari belakang , dimana dari belakang dilihatkan pengadilan, dan usaha-usaha menumbuhkan organisasi ini kembali.
  7. Mengerikan menurut saya, bagaimana mereka berusaha mengambil alih kekuasaan.
  8. Nah setelah itu kita ke lubang Buayanya, lubang kecil, tidak seperti sumur yang saya lihat selama ini. Ada juga rumah tempat penyiksaan.
  9. Setelah itu selesai 
Ini gedung kedua, dimana banyak diorama di dalamnya.
APakah mau berkunjung lagi? entahlah yang pasti menyeramkan untuk saya, sejarah yang kelam.  Pantas saja trauma itu sangat dikenang orang saat itu sampai saat ini.
Ini kata-kata Jendral Nasution , dia masih bisa berkata begini setelah kehilangan anaknya .

Sabtu, 21 Maret 2015

EF#11 My Outfit of The Day

Oh so sunny Sunday. Hello friends. so the topic of this week is OOTD. So nice, The Challenge make us , little bit is like fashion blogger.
I am also confused , who will take photoshoots  ?

Yesterday, i went to Lippo mall Karawachi. I should buy some books for sister in Gramedia.  she needs some books for Junior high school's final exam. She asked me to buy books. So yesterday i bought books for her.

I thought why not window shopping? Just window shopping. the date is so far from salary day.  You know It was so hard to handle our self. All become so nice, so important when we see all things in the store.

Back to the topic. I like wear clothes that make me comfortable. Not need expensive but comfortable ones. I wear veil , so seldom used colorful veil. i like simple one. so that why hard for me  to practice hijab's tutorial. What i wear should be my self. i like wear veil  that not so long but not so short also.

Ok my Outfit  last Saturday, i wore long denim skirt,  striped top and pink veil.
i found the way to take photoshoots , ya in fitting room , in front of big mirror.

Just contact my email ok, if u have some clothes product that need model for advertising. hahahhaa

it is not bad lah become fashion blogger for one post in my blog.

unbranded veil, nevada tshirt, unbranded skirt, soka motif  socks, and unbranded shoes

Minggu, 15 Maret 2015

#10 Nasi Goreng is my favorite food

Ok Indonesia is a country that has so many kind of traditional food. i will tell you some of Indonesia's food. Excample: Tahu Gejrot, Pecel lele, Pecel Ayam etc. By the way if u stay around Citra Raya Tangerang Area , You can come to my aunt's Pecel Lele. It is like stall.

You can find so many foods at Mardi Grass Citra Raya  . It is food's area at Citra Raya. If u want Pecel Lele and Pecel ayam let's come to my aunty's stall. it is so easy to find it. it is behind Medipro.

OK enough for free advertisement.

Back to the topic. Rice is important food in Indonesia. It is staple food here.  People say without rice that means We have not eaten.

I like Nasi Goreng. Many stall sell Nasi goreng at Citra Raya, but not all of them is deliciouse. There are 2 stalls that i like much. One is Nasi Goreng Gila with pete and the another one is Mas Rhino's Nasi Goreng stall in front of Segovia cluster.

I like spicy Nasi Goreng. I can cancle my diet because of Nasi Goreng. So let's try to eat Nasi Goreng.

i will tell you a tips of Nasi Goreng. People said You should put the rice in refrigerator first before cook it become Nasi Goreng. So you can keep the rice until the rice become hard. In refrigerator, water composition will be lost from rice.

Ok Nice to tell you about my favorite food. what is your favorite food?

pic from here

Note:   Ok if i have some mistake in my post, especially  my grammar , please tell me in comment

Sabtu, 07 Maret 2015

#EF9: Finally meet up with my friend's boyfriend

I don't have special experience with meet up. Even though i have been blogging for few years, i still don't have the courage to meet up with someone else that i don't know so much.
Ok now i will tell u about my experience to accompany my friend meeting up with her boyfriend. i was like  a bodyguard.

It happened when i was a college student. At that time, Chatting was popular thing. So many people met and after that got married because of chatting. As a good friend ,actually than, i was really excited to see my friend's boyfriend.

My friend met her boyfriend in ebuddy, a facility for chatting. So u can chat with yahoo account, facebook account or other account in ebuddy application.
So We went to Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II airport.That was My first time go to the airport. You know We used Ojek went to airport. For college student it was expensive using taxi. My friend gave free  transport. I want to laugh if  I remember that.

My friend keep it as secret so I had not seem the picture . Every man who came out from the airport's door , i guesed as her boyfriend.  I did that as a joke.
The question was he handsome or not? i didn't think that's good man or not. Many of negative news about chatting also. But that bad news gone because  we were excited.

Finally,  my friend with shyly face met up with her boyfriend from Aceh. That man brought Roti Boy as a give. Very romantic man hihihi. He stayed for some days in hotel. In the Taxi ( thanks to use taxi not Ojek again) it was like in freezer , so silent. But after two hours at Pecel Lele , we had talked about bahasa Palembang: sikok, duo, tigo,empat, limo. He asked why empat still empat. After that i chose to stop becoming my friend's bodyguard. I couldn't become mosquito between them.
Ok the ending some years later, each other of them has found a soulmate. They did not  end as merried couple.

Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Palembang
pic from here

Jumat, 06 Maret 2015

EF#7 Snap and take a story : the hill

     I was a shy girl. when i was in elementary school. That's first  times i joined Pramuka. actually when i was small, i always imagine that Pramuka is all about fun activity. Ya over times, not all fun. Some organization show the seniority. But One thing still in my heart until now. One activity that's make me feel so happy remember about Pramuka. yup when i went to the hill. was a new activity for me. we don't know where to go? Just meeting behind my school building. My father give me bakpaw for snack because my mother go to some where. i was forgot where my mom went?

that's the hill behind the white building

i can see my little town from there. Just remind  me with a moment, when i just shocked seeing my town from the hill. Seeing the swimming fool so small.  an elementary school experience. when drew together in there, saw monkeys in the branch of tree. i saw farmer harvest coffee tree.


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