Rabu, 30 Mei 2012

my purple pillow

hi everyone my pillow series

clik here for more pillow

or contact me sweety.honeysweety.honey1@gmail.com

my cute owl

ok i will introduce my owl

cek here in my facebook for more owls
or contact me sweety.honeysweety.honey1@gmail.com

Minggu, 20 Mei 2012

dress for my lovely cousin

last day on May19th is my cousin's birthday . no party just cut the cake. actually as Good sister i should gift special thing. i didn't think so much what should i give to her? many my aunt gave dress for her. and i m as not creative sister . yeah made a dress.
and until this is day the dress is unfinished . i need button for the dress. and unlucky sewing shop close every sunday . poor me. hope tomorrow will finish the dress.

i look the style of dress in this is book but using my way to made the pattern. Good book .
simple and i like the book show how cutting the pattern. i was using model 11 for dress.
happy sewing and happy birthday sister :) 

Sabtu, 12 Mei 2012

tnt endang's pillowcase

nice to made it for her. i give flannel. i sew the name in pillowcase. Tnt Endang said to me to made 1 pillow and 2 pillowcases. u can see my pillowcase in my tutorial. i hope she will be happy with it. u can see in my tutorial tab for seeing the tutorial :) . she likes  pink actually . but she said it was ok with other fabric.


1 pillowcase with her pillow size.
u can also order it with your pillowcase and your name ;)
sending email Adita_az@yahoo.co.id

nice to share it with you 

Jumat, 04 Mei 2012

care of your machine

what is your feeling when u got your sewing machine? or new handphone, new laptop or notebook? so happy.
i am sure, u will broken heart when it get damaged. so just care of your sewing machine.
for first step just read your machine guide book . every machine give guide book. so give times for read it.
for second step, you can do some of guide in that's book.
some guide in sewing machine:
1. clean sew machine from dust
2. clean from thread
3. sometime i give oil for machine

ya around this is times , i just do that.


Selasa, 01 Mei 2012

litlle story about my sewing class

I haven't account how long i have been in sewing class. But as long time i m enjoy it. Know about sewing, meet new friends. Share about sewing thing. it make me happy. i m a person who always easy to sad. I feel sometime why i should sad. life is wonderful. Try to get more knowledge about sew.
my sewing class started with made basic pattern. After that tried to made so many clothes. an then practical a small  part of clothes and now i m drawing a clothes how made the pattern :) . it is so wonderful for me. i know i should work hard for life. my auntie said if u want get success , work hard.
and one of motivator said
if u fall , wake up. fall again wake up again. fall in third times get wake up again. just wake up when u fall.
and one said again work hard but work very hard.
i like what they said.

my tools for made small pattern in 1:4 scale
i need 4 pen with different color : black, red, green, blue + pencil, glue, scale ruler, scissor, eraser , and paper with 3 color. so nice :)


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