Kamis, 26 April 2012

fish doll

i always missing my blog, sometime lost idea, and sometime fully with idea. this is week , so nice week. why ? because i did many activity. went for sewing class, went for teaching just 2 class. and went to market buy something that i need for sew. i made 2 fish dolls.
i like busy sunday full with crafting.
made this s fist remember me when i was elementary school. my teacher told me for made handmade at home. we can choose anything. and i got idea to made fish, that's time i made simple one from my mom fabric. purple fabric with small flower. happy of course. that's times i toke my grandma help for sewing in her old sewing machine. and i used glue for pattern on fabric. my grandma told me. she didn't take away the pattern.i didn't using dacron or silikon that's times . i was using kapuk ( its from plant) . and i was so pround that's time with my simple fish
and now i introduce my new fishes

if u interested with my fish 
u can contact me 
at Adita_az@yahoo.co.id
or sweety.honeysweety.honey1@gmail.com
or give comment at this is posting

Selasa, 24 April 2012

Giant Pillow

totally i made 3 pillows , so happy to make it.
busy but so happy. when we do something that we like, even thought tired but finally happiness come.my uncle helped me to took this's pictures. thanks uncle.


so long time not update my blog.
i spend last week with made 3 giant pillows :)
happy sewing 

Senin, 02 April 2012

new thread scissor

hallo everybody
hallo sewing word

ok i started this is day with went to my sewing class. not so much students come. just 2 students. i finished 3 mini dress. so happy enjoying in it. after that went to market.
something made me annoyed. i would buy dacron or silicon . and they don't have plastic bag size for that is silicon. what service it? i should go to other shop that is why i need plastic bag. how can i bring 2 kilos silicon that is without cover. after that i canceled to buy that. and go to other shop. to buy some thing but when i m at home. ohhh it is more expensive.
lesson from that's: bring bag from home :)
my new thread scissor

hope it work better than old scissor
old thread scissor

bye-bye old thread scissor. actually my old scissor now become some parts. that's why leave it. cant using well. old scissor easy get loose. not recommended.
good night every body. have a nice dream. :)


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