Minggu, 10 April 2016

Singapore Trip : Orchard Road

Many people go to Orchard Road. I know it because many actress and actor from Indonesia go there for shopping. But traveler said many good food there. We come there without any reason, just wanna to see. For me so many beautiful thing with expensive price.  Indonesia people who likes come there . They come when shopping season. So They said many thing priceless then Jakarta. 

Ok Nice to see it. If You have much time , It is nice just for sitting in there. Seeing people walking in Orchard road. Orchard road show how modern city in Singapore. That's just my opinion ok. I can say Singapore is country with enough facility. You want see beach go to Sentosa, You wanna shopping go to Orchard Road. You wanna jogging in natural place You can go to Botanical Garden. You wanna see history , You can go to Merlion Park. 

We come to one of mall. I had plan to buy watch for my father. Oh my God the price make me shock. hahaha. but I saw some normaly but not normal for my wallet. It's happen because I compere with rupiah. So I thought I choose buy in Indonesia. 

I wrote some of my posting using English because why the visitor many from aboard then Indonesia. As Brian Clark said write everything I want to write. It is also my blog , I can write everything I want. Without thinking my English good or worst. So I try to be not care. Arghhh. 

So many fashion in Orchard road. They making colors sculptures so You can take picture with them. 

Again my eyes , need sunglasses.

in front of ION mall. How the beauty morning in Singapore.

If You like shopping or fashion traveler , You must go Orchard road. 

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