Minggu, 10 April 2016

Singapore Trip : Merlion Park Singapore

So around 07.00 am we had already went to Merlion bay. So it was first time for me to seeing Singapore icon. I feel everybody should take pic here when they go to Singapore. So around Merlion icon we can see some popular building in Singapore.

Many tourist the time. Many Chinese tourist there. I thought before just Indonesia people who really crazy take action in front of camera. So if i had much times there, i would like to read some of history there. I read little about Raffles first place when he come to Singapore.

I just read little in history Raffles barter Bengkulu Indonesia with Singapore. My friend said don't foeget to buy Uncle ice cream. Poor me we didn't have much time for ate ice cream. So for You who will come to Singapore, don't forget to buy Uncle Ice cream. I just have around 15 minute in Merlion Icon. It is so popular in pic.

It is sunny day. Good for eating ice cream there. My eyes needed sun glasses.

Smile :D

so don't forget to take picture here also
After here we went to orchard road and Botanical garden, We used bus to go Orchard road from here.

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