Jumat, 15 April 2016

Singapore Botanical Garden

Singapore Botanical garden. yeah I was sad before because the tour leader cancel our trip to Singapore Botanical Garden. But the next day, we went there. You know before I was thinking It is Garden by the bay. But I like Singapore Botanical Garden, You can took picture with green background.

How did we go there?
Everything easy with Singapore MRT Map.  It is so near with MRT station. 

What we can see there without pay ticket?
You can see some of plant . Small natural pool . 

Singapore botanical garden is one of good place for visited. If I lived in Singapore, I would like do jogging in here. 

When u came Singapore botanical garden , You will feel little tropic forest. Singapore botanical garden is green. You can feel different. In Singapore, You feel so modern city. When You came to Singapore botanical garden, You feel little of peace. 

I also interest with garden by the bay, may be next time.

You can also read some information of plant.

It is like Kebun Raya Bogor . You can read in here to read about Kebun Raya Bogor.

This is my video. I made it in Singapore Botanical Garden.

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