Rabu, 20 April 2016

Chocolate Kingdom in Malaysia

Yaaa     Why chocolate ? I also dont know. People always give chocolate when they come from aboard. My friend gave me when they come from Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Indonesia also have so many of it. You can try Batam Chocolate. Aunty said it is cheaper than Malaysia's chocolate.
But We didn't go to Batam. So I think Berly's Chocalate Kingdom is popular in Malaysia. My aunty ask what u went there? chocolate store with cow ? hahah yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. The taxi driver  told many of Indonesia tourist go there. Expensive but it is soooooooo chocolate. I like the sweet taste , almond is popular. Sister, Grandma and my little cousin like it. Ya buy 5 got 6 pack. I try chocolate with chili taste. Not so Chili taste, so little hot taste of chili.

Anyway, It is make me remain Dodol Garut from Indonesia. When I was child , every people brought Dodol Garut from Java island. Hahaha

I dont know why They should give sticker when come inside the store. Marketing? Any one know the reason, It was like tour, They tell us the process  before buy their product . So after They explain, We can buy product. It is not strange seeing Kakao. because My friend had a Kakao tree. We know it. 

I can't give the pic of their product because It's already inside my stomach. Are you sure inside my stomach or already inside some other place??? :D

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