Minggu, 10 Mei 2015

EF#18 Complicated Relationship

Ahhhh what???

Ok I just wanna share about computer study in Indonesia. What is it about relationship?
Ok in our new curriculum , computer lesson has deleted. So they said it is happen because student automatic learn computer when they made paper. So it can call by self study.

Ok It will be as like that if  U have the facility. I just imagine how student in village. who doesn't have computer. We know the facility in Indonesia school. Good school and good facility some time just around city.

Not all school got the best of facility. Don't need talk about computer, We can see the library. How book in library school?

When i was practice teaching program around six months, I found so many of their computers is broke. So I think it is so complicated to delete computer lesson. Ok they can deleted but the facility should already in school.

It will not become a problem, If all student have facility in their home. But what will happen if their in small village?

Oh ya make paper also needs printer . Again the problem is not deleted or not delete computer lesson. I hope facility also should support student.

Laptop , computer pc, and printer are expensive thing for some parents. Oh I was forgot, may be they can come to warnet ( internet center). What all The place have warnet?

So COmplicated ??? Haaaaaaaaa I am confuse ok what the idea???
ok I hope Indonesia student become creative to find the way. 

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