Rabu, 06 Mei 2015

Lets cooking : donut and donat

donuts pattern
I m so much crazy with donuts.
With the O middle of donuts.
I like home made donuts.
I  have ever taste one of breaded donuts.
I felt strange with the smell.
It is food why full of perfume.
And I don't like much sugar in donuts.
Even though the donuts so in colorful
In the night my friend share pic her home made donuts with chocolate.
Oh ya she made it without pattern. i mean just using hand , may be using feeling
My granma and I made but all with different size.

So u have any experiment with donuts?

My uncle before bought  breaded donuts if he visited us. but it will be and in refrigerator.
I have ask my friend to share her donuts pic.

I got from her profile pic in Black berry messager 
without pattern same size

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komen donk :)


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