Sabtu, 02 Mei 2015

Let's cooking : donuts

Ok donuts is simple, ya when just seeing it. My grandma and I is a team. She cook and i search the ingredient.
ok last april 26nd 2015, that is my birthday. So i made donuts for celebrate it.
I have story why i am so much crazy to make donuts.
I m a teacher in elementary school, so some day my little girl in class have idea to give surprise to her friend on her friend's birthday. So she ask one of other little girl to bring eggs and wheat flour. So that is day, they will give that two things to birthday girl , in the and with the birthday girl will bath with eggs and wheat flour.
Ohhh noooooooooooooo
How can they do that? How can that pure girl idea? seeing their sister or drama in television?
Angry? How i can be angry? I just thought how if they did that before i know.
Headmaster and principle will give me so many advice and absolutely cleaning.
But Thanks to Allah. That little girl told me first .
So i brought it to home.
And got idea to make donuts.
But What happen? The donuts failed? No
I got recipe from my friend that stay in Palembang. In Whats app she sand the pic. i saw her pic profile with donuts. She is very good. i ask and she with patiently gave me recipe.
My friend gave me simple donuts. My aunt really like donuts with that recipe.
My Grandmother again make the donuts with new recipe. but still not soft . Again and again we try until we got the composition.
So Back to my student. i got surprise they like the donuts. I just say in my heart , i have make them learn, not teach with anger.
I said if one of them birthday, don't make them bath with egg n wheat flour, just give that to miss and i will change that become donuts.

I am so happy to saw how they  excited to eat my donuts after upacara hari Senin.
Please dont judge from the cover, it is our first donuts. Simple donuts without egg and it is like roti goreng. My aunt favorite donuts. 

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