Minggu, 03 Mei 2015

#EF17 Future Goal Now and Then

HMmmm I hope I don't late post it. Future goal, it is like dream. Dream is important , it give us a hope. A hope make us become life. A ton of energy. A ton of sprite.

So more our age, our dream and gold sometime change. U know I got from whats app , a friend send a joke.

When we are 10 years old , we dream become doctor
When we are 15 years old, we want become popular
When we are in senior high school , we want get good college
When we are in college , we just wanna finishing our study at college

I just can say dream is big in meaning. We don't need have same dream as other. We choose our dream. Dream is not like in old elementary student who just around become doctor and engineer.

I always wanna create my drawing become  a book.  That is my goal for next. Actually i have so many dreams. I write in the list. It work , from 30 lists , ya around 5 become come true. One of them is so impossible for me.  But the impossible  come true.

When i finished from college, I should stay at home , search job. From one place to other place, Test it and that. Found one but not comfortable because so far.

I remember i write in paper , i wrote, i will get job so many in that is paper. And the paper found by house assistant. i am shy and she laugh. But now I smile, How word so hard, but still we should be strong.

So just try, there is hope there is will.

My motto from so long time ago

Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.

Now I want to save money then join the illustrator class. hope become true. Amin ya Allah.

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  1. I hope your dream will come true.
    Btw,... you should use I instead of i in English.

    1. Amin, ya it is like habbit , Should change my habit , write I not i

    2. Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.


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