Jumat, 06 Maret 2015

EF#7 Snap and take a story : the hill

     I was a shy girl. when i was in elementary school. That's first  times i joined Pramuka. actually when i was small, i always imagine that Pramuka is all about fun activity. Ya over times, not all fun. Some organization show the seniority. But One thing still in my heart until now. One activity that's make me feel so happy remember about Pramuka. yup when i went to the hill. was a new activity for me. we don't know where to go? Just meeting behind my school building. My father give me bakpaw for snack because my mother go to some where. i was forgot where my mom went?

that's the hill behind the white building

i can see my little town from there. Just remind  me with a moment, when i just shocked seeing my town from the hill. Seeing the swimming fool so small.  an elementary school experience. when drew together in there, saw monkeys in the branch of tree. i saw farmer harvest coffee tree.

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