Sabtu, 07 Maret 2015

#EF9: Finally meet up with my friend's boyfriend

I don't have special experience with meet up. Even though i have been blogging for few years, i still don't have the courage to meet up with someone else that i don't know so much.
Ok now i will tell u about my experience to accompany my friend meeting up with her boyfriend. i was like  a bodyguard.

It happened when i was a college student. At that time, Chatting was popular thing. So many people met and after that got married because of chatting. As a good friend ,actually than, i was really excited to see my friend's boyfriend.

My friend met her boyfriend in ebuddy, a facility for chatting. So u can chat with yahoo account, facebook account or other account in ebuddy application.
So We went to Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II airport.That was My first time go to the airport. You know We used Ojek went to airport. For college student it was expensive using taxi. My friend gave free  transport. I want to laugh if  I remember that.

My friend keep it as secret so I had not seem the picture . Every man who came out from the airport's door , i guesed as her boyfriend.  I did that as a joke.
The question was he handsome or not? i didn't think that's good man or not. Many of negative news about chatting also. But that bad news gone because  we were excited.

Finally,  my friend with shyly face met up with her boyfriend from Aceh. That man brought Roti Boy as a give. Very romantic man hihihi. He stayed for some days in hotel. In the Taxi ( thanks to use taxi not Ojek again) it was like in freezer , so silent. But after two hours at Pecel Lele , we had talked about bahasa Palembang: sikok, duo, tigo,empat, limo. He asked why empat still empat. After that i chose to stop becoming my friend's bodyguard. I couldn't become mosquito between them.
Ok the ending some years later, each other of them has found a soulmate. They did not  end as merried couple.

Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Palembang
pic from here

10 komentar:

  1. Thank you for participation Mba.
    Finally you met your friend's boyfriend? Hopefully no love triangle story. Sorry. Too much fiction in my mind

    1. no love triangle story, my friend and i haven't same type. hmm much fiction come because i cant explain much in English. But my friend's boyfriend works in airport that's why i think he can so easily go to every where.

  2. everybody finds his/her spouse then. no hurt feeling, love just found its end.

  3. Lol, jadi inget aku sama Ray juga ketemunya online :p

    1. iya ya aq juga pernah baca yang indie :) kalau yang indie happy anding ya

  4. sekarang sarana untuk bisa ketemu someone sudah semakin mudah..

  5. Jadi pas ketemuan itu ada yang jadi obat nyamuk di pojokan ya? :p

    1. ya begitulah nasib obat nyamuk :D


komen donk :)


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