Sabtu, 21 Maret 2015

EF#11 My Outfit of The Day

Oh so sunny Sunday. Hello friends. so the topic of this week is OOTD. So nice, The Challenge make us , little bit is like fashion blogger.
I am also confused , who will take photoshoots  ?

Yesterday, i went to Lippo mall Karawachi. I should buy some books for sister in Gramedia.  she needs some books for Junior high school's final exam. She asked me to buy books. So yesterday i bought books for her.

I thought why not window shopping? Just window shopping. the date is so far from salary day.  You know It was so hard to handle our self. All become so nice, so important when we see all things in the store.

Back to the topic. I like wear clothes that make me comfortable. Not need expensive but comfortable ones. I wear veil , so seldom used colorful veil. i like simple one. so that why hard for me  to practice hijab's tutorial. What i wear should be my self. i like wear veil  that not so long but not so short also.

Ok my Outfit  last Saturday, i wore long denim skirt,  striped top and pink veil.
i found the way to take photoshoots , ya in fitting room , in front of big mirror.

Just contact my email ok, if u have some clothes product that need model for advertising. hahahhaa

it is not bad lah become fashion blogger for one post in my blog.

unbranded veil, nevada tshirt, unbranded skirt, soka motif  socks, and unbranded shoes

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