Minggu, 15 Maret 2015

#10 Nasi Goreng is my favorite food

Ok Indonesia is a country that has so many kind of traditional food. i will tell you some of Indonesia's food. Excample: Tahu Gejrot, Pecel lele, Pecel Ayam etc. By the way if u stay around Citra Raya Tangerang Area , You can come to my aunt's Pecel Lele. It is like stall.

You can find so many foods at Mardi Grass Citra Raya  . It is food's area at Citra Raya. If u want Pecel Lele and Pecel ayam let's come to my aunty's stall. it is so easy to find it. it is behind Medipro.

OK enough for free advertisement.

Back to the topic. Rice is important food in Indonesia. It is staple food here.  People say without rice that means We have not eaten.

I like Nasi Goreng. Many stall sell Nasi goreng at Citra Raya, but not all of them is deliciouse. There are 2 stalls that i like much. One is Nasi Goreng Gila with pete and the another one is Mas Rhino's Nasi Goreng stall in front of Segovia cluster.

I like spicy Nasi Goreng. I can cancle my diet because of Nasi Goreng. So let's try to eat Nasi Goreng.

i will tell you a tips of Nasi Goreng. People said You should put the rice in refrigerator first before cook it become Nasi Goreng. So you can keep the rice until the rice become hard. In refrigerator, water composition will be lost from rice.

Ok Nice to tell you about my favorite food. what is your favorite food?

pic from here

Note:   Ok if i have some mistake in my post, especially  my grammar , please tell me in comment

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  1. Nasi goreng aku juga suka. Tapi yang buatan Bapak, hehehe :)


komen donk :)


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