Rabu, 18 Februari 2015

#6 Here comes my alter ego

So  late for posting :)
Hmm actually sometimes i find about alter ego in story. I don't know it is real or just imagination. i confuse what should i write?
In Novel , i found twice times that alter ego show as a bad side. that is showing how a man sometimes have so many alter ego. And i am not satisfied with the and of Novel.
So How will be my alter ego? actually i scare just for imagine it. i just know alter ego is negative side. its a problem in psychology.
My alter ego may be a women who have over confidence and become a leader, never fell wrong if make decision. I can presentation in front of many person and talk with confidence. Ok i am so easy crying. So my alter ego i will become a strong women who can answer all question. i can debate with other. With red lips i can broke all other opinion. Hahahaha. i can handle my tears when have problem. i can handle my tears when debate with different opinion.
Strong women with good eyes. Other will scare just seeing me. My alter ego is a women that have good skill in business.So all financial isn't problem for me.

Argghhhh confuse with this topic. wkwkwk.
ok may be i also wanna ask about women who talk behind us. Showing so good in front of and make gossip behind us.
May be they have problem in psychology also.
Ok i cant talk about alter ego much. 

2 komentar:

  1. Kalau alter ego nya positif malah keren. Nah, kalau jelek? Hiiii, hehehe :D

    1. tapi kalau di cerita-cerita banyak yang jelek-jelek jadi mengganggu gitu :) ng tau real apa ng


komen donk :)


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