Sabtu, 28 Maret 2015

EF#12 How i go to every where?

Indonesia's transportation is popular with crowded transportation. I had experience with Tangerang to Jakarta transportation. When i worked in Jakarta, at Kebon Jeruk. I should change 3 times cars for go to my office. And it can be 4 kind of transportation when back to home. ohh that is a concequenci life in town site

Now i m working in a school, that  not so far from my house. I can use motorcycle. it needs around 15 minute to go to my school. Here angkot ( a car who can  share with some people inside) and ojek ( motorcyle) as public transportation.

When I don't have motorcycle already. I always used angkot or ojek. I should  go early time if using angkot. Because  in here the car always stop in front of cluster's gate. And Ojek is so expensive for me. And I also don't like Ojek's manner.

The rider of Ojek show selfies manner. Many of them (not all ok) show angryness. My friend had experience, the driver of Ojek throw her money as payment into road. it is happened because the driver of ojek thought payment is so little.

ok tips for using Ojek:
1. Ask first for payment
2. Just be carefull
3. In here so many of them , drive in bad way
4. Using same Ojek ( if you have routin using it)

And angkot just operation until 06.00 pm. After that just Ojek. It is like ojek monopoly system of transportation in the night at Citra Raya.
pic from here

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  1. Sayangnya di Medan ngga ada ojek.. Kalok ada pun, jumlahnya dikiiiit banget :(

    1. tapi ada bentor ya mbak, di sini ng ada bentor malah


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