Minggu, 05 April 2015

#EF13 I love aerobic

I have been starting aerobic when i was in college. I did it with my self in my rent house. I used aerobic as activity in boring time. When i was become so headache with my final essay , I did aerobic so much by my self when i was college student.

I got this idea when saw my landlady did aerobic at the field in front of our rent house. As college student , we got so many idea. How are the way? we can do aerobic but don't spent our money.
Yeah one of my friend asked to search free file of landlady's aerobic file. She asked landlady and got free file of Berty Tilarso's aerobic.

So that time, sometime my friend and i did aerobic. We open winamp. And we did aerobic with Berty tilarso. OH if i remember that, i have size M and L for my dresses.

And after that i lost time of my aerobic time. I move to another rent house. Busy with final day of essay.

Last year i tried to join aerobic club. Mommy aerobic club with sexy dresses. It is ok. It is also in the closed room. But the problem is the time. Many class is in the night. And i know i was become strange because I wear veil. No one of them complain , they are very welcome to me.

OK at last i  stopped aerobic last year in that class .

And last month teachers at my school, made aerobic club. This month, we became member of aerobic. it is cheaper than pay every coming in class.

And I  am still confuse with BL. Open close ... open close.... And success made my friend laugh.
she said take a breath. U need the air.

Ok how about your sport?

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