Jumat, 06 Februari 2015

EF#5 BEC and I

I thought around one week before i am joining this club. i wasn't sure before, Can i write in English? my English is so bad in grammar, even thought  i had joined an English course when i was in college. I am still confused to use the right grammar. may be that's time i was not seriously. 
it would  be simple if the tense just have 3 tenses : past , present and future tense.  Joining BEC, make me opening book, checking grammar,  and open Google translate. 
Its my second posting since i  joined this  club. 
i hope in BEC , i can improve my English, especially in grammar. I am not so confidence with grammar. about BEC whatsapp group, i was shock, i found so many message. before i have already joining one day on juz, but not so many message as BEC.  Ya because in BEC there are 100 members, and so active in conversation. 
Oh ya what is the reason join BEC ?
because i have experience joining One day on juz, and its can make me consistent read every days. i thought it will not be a problem if i try join an English club, i thought it will make me consistent to study. its will be good if there is a teacher who give score or give correction. 
Ok consistent is the important point. And BEC make me study more.  Lets Join BEC :) 

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  1. Hi Honey Sweety, thank you for visiting my blog.

    Talking about writing blog in English, for me, writing blog in English now is as scary as four years ago. Sometime it is helpful to just give it a go, and let loose.
    I've been writing blog posts in English without thinking too much about grammar, and ended up editing many typos after the blog posts had been published. But that's okay for me, and it works

    1. ya mbak, actually just write, how can its improve , if no one word in English :)

  2. Hai salam kenal mba... :)
    Why don't you volunteer yourself to be corrected... It can make us nervous but actually it's fun :D

    1. the problem, i mnt so confidence :) i need times ( an excuse) i sure u have become volunteer.


komen donk :)


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