Rabu, 28 Januari 2015

#4 my favorite food Tempe

My childhood  in Sumatera. I have few memory , one of them is about food. When i was child, i did not like vegetable so much, i remember, my first vegetables was "sayur katu" . Ya vegetables for pregnant women here. i like it when my mom cooked "sambal tempe" also. The flavor sambel tempe that my mom cooked are combination of salty, sweet, hot of chili and fress. So in my plate there were rice, sayur katu and sambal tempe.

So yesterday night, i cooked tempe goreng. I am not Javanese, just my uncle and me who like tempe in my family.In Tangerang, its new for me to know about Tempe Mendoan. I did not know it before.  i just knew it when my aunty brought it from some where.  Early tempe in process. we call it with Mendoan.

i fried it, ya fried tempe.
i miss Tempe, miss my childhood, miss my childhood friends.

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