Jumat, 30 Januari 2015

EF4-Doraemon's magic pocket

if i had a tool as doraemon have. it would be wonderful. what  i want? hmm i thought i want a door that can go anywhere.

i have list what i want to do:

1.  Go to My parent house more than now
     So i don't need to waiting our government make highway or bridge between Sumatra Island and Java Island. i can see my parent and sister every day. But it will be funny
          Ana     : Where do you work now?
          Elsa     : In Jakarta
          Ana     : Where do you live?
          Elsa     : In Palembang
          Ana     : So ur id card?
    I just thought what will happen if we have door as doraemon have?
        - Angkot, Ojek, plane will be stop  operation
        - So some people will be lost in job
        - So our president don't need confuse with oil price
        - mudik culture will be lost from the earth
        - No Long Distance Relationship

2.  Go vacation to anywhere
       i would go vacation every where, So distance will not be a problem for all. I could go to Japan, Korea, Mekah, every where. Or just taking rest in white beach. ohhh so happy. Or just go to the Moon.

    oK THATS just my imagination about doraemon's door. So everyone will make it as gadget later. i wiss someday i can go to doraemon's museum.




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