Kamis, 04 Juli 2013

CRaft Group

hai veryone ....
in the nice beautiful morning
i want to tell u....
especially for everone who new come to Craft word
dont worry... be happy
craft is the word when we share our creativity
for information....
for new craft i give some information:
1. Dont scare anything, just made something, bad or nice thats will come from experience.
2. Open GOOgle and found information, tutorial, and also u can buy.
u need tutorial, many of blogs gave tutorial or craft web. free and pay tutorial that u can choose.
3. U live in small village, doesnt have any people sell about thing of craft. Buy online :)
4. JOIn in group that special for craft
5. Dont worry to ask them cos they r so nice
6. For INdonesia u can JOin here Indonesia Crafter  or for flannel group (especialy for someone that interested more in flannel u can join FlanelQta
7. For seeing INdonesia craft blogs u can search in here

ok fell free for give me some other group's name
happy day
happy morning all :)

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