Selasa, 27 Maret 2012

u should have pin cushion

hallo, nice to share with you all.
So nice day. U know as new in sewing word. sometime we don't know what should we have? ok it is about our beloved save pin. ya it is not so expensive but sometime if we don't have the place for safe it. may be we will not know one by one lost. small and easy for falling down. And it is danger for kids. and also danger for foot. so you should need pin cushion.
this is my tips to make pin cushion .
1. Don't using foam because it can make your pin become rusty
don't using it
2. Using dacron  . it is good for pin.

ok i share my pin cushion

it is dacron or silicon for other name

my artistic picture heheheh

for my save pin cushion place

ok many tutorial for make pin cushion. So u need it . ok. some day i will make beautiful and cute pin cushion. :D nice to share with you.

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