Rabu, 21 Maret 2012

a magazine

So happy i got a magazine on last Tuesday. i joined mbak Hany Giveaway. and become one of the winners. Two winners in that's Giveaway.
New hampshire ToDo Magazine

nice with honey-honeysweety bag :)

my conversation with delivery pos man
mr.pos : Hello
me       : ya
mr.pos : 2 letters. 1 for Ms .Y ( my aunty) and 1 for Dita. Who you are?
me       : I am Dita
mr.pos : Full name
me       : dita bla..bla..
mr.pos : from america

So happy . it can help me to studying english :) . I need dictionary to read it . Found something new about other place. Imagine go there for spend vacation  :) . And the one thing made me get interested is how can people swim in pool around the snow. may be its like in hot springs.  :) happy day.

3 komentar:

  1. Waduhh sobat saya gak ngrti bhsa inggris.. Kalau gitu nyimak aja yah sobat..

  2. saya juga masih belajar :) thanks udah ninggalin comment


komen donk :)


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