Kamis, 08 Maret 2012

#4 special pencil

wow, i got dizzy because confuse what should write in my blog? lost idea.  from 30 posting i have written 4  posting. it has march 8th 2012 . Idea is simple thing from. Sometime we think "oh i can make it." , "why she made it?" ,  because she made it first become a thing. why handmade different with same idea?  because every human is different.

so i will show a pencil. it can write in fabric. it help me when making line of  ' kampuh 'or hem  ( space from cutting to  pattern around 2-4 cm) . its fabric chalk. Before i was using it

and now i have new thing for help me sewing. its look like simple pencil with special function. And i have it now
actually when i saw, its for glass , leathe, cerami, metal and plactic.
So for fabric??? i don't know. But avalaible in my sewing course.
it is Joyko product PG-100

don't need sharpener because the pencil cover from paper, not same as usually pencil.

ok Happy sewing :)

4 komentar:

  1. hehe, aku ada kapur dan pinsilnya di tempat jait butikku. dulu suka banget matah-matahin kapurnya buat mainan :p

  2. iya emang enak buat dipatahin, kalau aku sering ngak nyadar duduk in nie kapur :) jadi patah tak berbentuk :)

  3. malah gak punya kapur utk menjahit :)

  4. hehe udah ngak musim ya mbak pakai kapur, :)


komen donk :)


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