Sabtu, 03 Maret 2012

fabric time

So nice to spend my times for searching some fabric. Not so much choice in that is market. But found some fabric that i like. And the bad thing, hard to get the cheap. Found 1 shop that is selling a cheap fabric that is  cotton (without pattern). Her shop is cheaper than other shop. And found one shop that has cute fabrics. But hard to get discount.
I hope can go to Tanah Abang Market. I have gone to Cipadu Market. And wanna go again. May be fabric market is like heaven for sewing.

I  am falling love with this is love pattern in first sight
and chose it.

 I chose it becouse I thing its good for practice. 

i chose it in the last. Actually i saw other fabric with white polka in orange fabric. but not mix in price.
so I was alone bought it in market. not so relax when bought  it. because the seller's assistant was focus just in me. 

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