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#16EF Indonesia tale : Leungli

Indonesia has many tale. When i was child, book is expensive thing. When i want Bobo, And asked to .my father, he didn't have any respont to me. Just said No, we didn't have money

I gave back the book to seller. So  sad. But it's different response with my grandfather. When he was selling our cow, he went to agent s'book  bobo magazine. And ask me to choose a book. I was so happy that time

So back to the topic , Indonesia tale. My favorite is .............................. I am confuse.
I always borrowed book from library in school. Every time when The library opened.

My favorite is Leungli ( the story is like Leungli) because i forget the tittle. I borrowed the cassette from my neighborhood.

So Leuglis is golden fish's name. Golden fish who always Make Si Bungsu ( Name of girl) become happy. Si Bungsu become housemaid in her house. Her step sister always tell her to do many housework. She wash clothes, cleaning their house, cooking etc.

One day she is washing clothes in river. One of her sister's dress lose on river. Her sister was so angry. And tell to search her dress.

When Si Bungsu was crying in river's side. A golden fish who can talking human language come to Si Bungsu ( Leungli was swimming near Si Bungsu)

Si Bungsu become happy because The fish help her to search the dress . After that day , Leungli always cheer up Si Bungsu. Si Bungsu and Leungli become friend.

Si Bungsu's sister fell strange, what thing make  Si Bungsu always happy now, even though they give so many work for Si Bungsu.

Ok Bla...bla , u can read in Wikipedia, keyword is Leungli.

The Moral of Story is
1.  Best friend is friend who support us, make us happy, give us help.
2.  Human have sad and happy time. It is spinning as a wheel
3.  Just be good  to sister ok, Your sister is human.

6 komentar:

  1. mean sister ya mbak. tales are alike, I guess. cinderella's sisters were also mean.

    1. ya leungli is like cinderella without glass shoes, but she has gold tree :)

  2. Leungli, never heard about it :) but a nice story for sisterhood ;)

    1. Ya it is from Jawa Barat , i was searching it at Wiki pedia.

  3. I has just knew about the Leungli tale from this blog. Good that you write about it Mba.
    Unfortunately there were many inconsistency grammar in your post Mba... Mine is till far from a good writing, but I want to tell about it, so we can learn together. Nice post :)

    1. thanks mbak for coming and gave me comment , ya i read that in other blog about consistency grammar.


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