Sabtu, 25 Juni 2011

i m happy

hihihi alhamdullilah, finally i can join sewing course, eventhought i dont know it will be finished or not. but i will try. sometime happiness can come from way that we don't know. may be other ask , why m i so happy cos joining sewing class??? other will be smile when they know i wanna join sewing course.  ya cos thats course is not popular now. if u join language course, car course, or dance course, singing course, thats more popular than sewing course. but i dont care cos i like sewing course eventhought sometime i m so tired.  i try started from 10 until 5 but so hard cos sometime didnt come early and should back at 4 pm,cos sewing course is far. its new place . so i should searching transportation. but thanks to Allah who have give me chance , my aunty and uncle who has support me,  trans citra ... hahaha who has give good transportation than other public transportation. u know just wih pay 8000 idr i get confrotable public transportation with ac :) no noisy :) than i use bus ,hot, noisy, full people. ahhhh alhamdullilah. ok yuk see what thing in my bag
this s it my first day tools
strange... cos the rules is like sword
its my first fabric , it cotton fabric, for my first project practice

its viseline, its like paper 

yey now my sewing tread is more complite :D  lebayyyy deh
buy in sewing shop is chiper that buy one buy one on subur store
ahhh i want more, hmmm human always want more : b

n my button, wahh wanna go to majecstic or tanah abang :)
when??? i dont know
they said that s place is fully with sewing tool and fabric
ngencess deh if go there :)

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  1. psr. Mayestik di toko Maju. Tanah Abang banyak, tempatnya tersebar. Di Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua juga ada di lantai 3, yg ini kalau hari Minggu biasanya sebagian besar pada tutup.
    Good luck and have fun in sewing.

  2. wah nice info mbak :) pengen bngt ke sana hikssss... :"(


komen donk :)


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