Minggu, 03 Juli 2011

it support me

oh ya i found a cheap book shop. i found it when i was back from sewing class. oh thanks Allah i found negeri 5 menara novel . i found inspiring words.
 2 keys to prepare our success
 1. going to extra miles : don't give up with an average. if people study for 1 hour, he or she will study for 5 hours. if people run for 2 kilometer, he or she will run for 3 kilometer. if people give up in 10 minute in first. she or he give up until 20 minute. always try to increase our ability than ordinary people. make going the extra miles culture. more try, more time, more effort, and be strong.

2. dont make other dominance u
the meaning is don't be sad, angry, disgusting and scary cos external factor . you r leader of your self, we have choice

ok sorry for my english

i will show my first shirt
now my project is long skirt, i will study hard. now the time for study hard for prepare all thing.
my wish list is sewing machine especially for portable sewing machine.
now i m crazy with the honey tress song.
i hope many book become cheaper than now. why so much expensive....
let see my new book

 i love books :)

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  1. I surprised to see that you have selected this font for you blog post which is difficult to understand.

  2. oh ya but i like this s font :)


komen donk :)


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