Jumat, 13 Mei 2011

my cake

ohhh this s night , i was so confused. come or not. ok i will share my cake . i made it from flannel. i was so happy when made it cos i m enjoy. ok see it. 
donut. i like donat cos its easy and so color full. just gv toping.
its my  cake or bolu gulung. hmm i think i hv made so big. becouse its like real size

i m still interested with flannel. so i will make another thing from flannel. i dont hv flannel book but i just saw tutorial, many free ebook, but more good if have a flannel book. i still looking other creation. they r so nice.
i hope can make my personaly design for flannel. so enjoy making craft. 
u can share with me a tutorial. if u dont know i will make for u a tutorial. its easy. u can ask also :D so let share with me

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komen donk :)


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