Kamis, 12 Mei 2011

my brooches

i m so interested with craft
after i try with flannel, i try with brooches, its still not perfect. i bought all tools and beads at online store. actually i will satisfied if i see the beads directly. i wish can buy beads in offline store. i mean in market. cos i was nt satisfied with beads picture. i cant imagine  the beads size.  but for beginner, its ok to buy in on line shop. when buy at on line shop we should be carefull cos we need see again and again before we chose thats the right. hmmm i still have stock for make brooches. u know i also hv fail brooches. i hope step by step my brooches become perfect. many of tutorial to make brooches so searching it from one of Indonesia 's blog. i like making brooches cos its lost my stress, i m become enjoy, and laught when i make bad one

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