Rabu, 18 Mei 2011

give away from DUnia Kecil Indi

ok i like Dunia Kecil Indi. she is book author. u can open her give away here. so nice to open her blog. nice to see her spirit, abt her diesease. she have scoliosis but with that s condition, she is still smile, enjoy here life. but why i always want to back her blog cos i want to see her clothes. she sew her clothes by her design. every time i see her clothes, i dont know why i think she is become her self with her clothes.she isnt following other fashion who dont make me understand why they wear thats clothest (beribet banget nie kalimat, kalian ngerti kan???). she wear simple clothes but so sweet. she is like alice in wonderland. i have no read her book cos now Book center is far from here, and i cant go alone there. also my budget is one of problem :) . but i always interested abt her clothes.
u can see her gv away here. i hope someday she will write abt her sew activity or her clothes design. i hope have spirit as big as her. nice to read indi blog. she always replay ur comments.  every blog who replay comments her reader , i fell a friendly blogger. ok just check her give away and enjoy it, gooooooooooooooo
eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit wait a minute. i tell u about her book title, they are WAKTU AKU SAMA MIKA and KARENA CINTA ITU SEMPURNA. if some day u find in book store, she is author thats books. check now

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