Sabtu, 26 Maret 2016

Malaysia Trip :Melaka : A Famosa

Melaka  was one of place that we visited. Melaka has so many history building. Melaka opened by someone from Palembang. His name is Parameswara. Oooo i come from Palembang. I have special feeling hihihi .
Thanks there was a guide who told us about Melaka. So we know about Melaka more. I think Melaka have a long story with colonialism: Portuguese, British, and Dutch. 
So when we went there. We saw museum and old building. Old building of Dutchman. the building colored by red. Red is symbol of salmon color. The meaning of prosperity. 
And Portugal history so sad in Kubu Portugal ( A Famosa). Listed their story make my heart down. When Dutch come to Melaka. Portugal didn't give Melaka to them. So Portuguese stayed in Kubu Portuguese. i think it is a symbol they didn't give Melaka to Dutch. But That was for 6 month. 

So when Portuguese stayed in Kubu Melaka. They didn't have food stock. So They ate rat,cat and the sad story a women should ate her dead baby body. 
Ok leave about that sad story. I entered the place of kubu Portugal from mall. ya its like mall. So We also was shopping also in that mall. My friend bought some Melaka crackers. Because I also from Bangka. I didn't buy it. In Bangka and Palembang so many crackers. The good excuse I was lazy bought it every where. 

Although We just visited of history place in Melaka. Melaka has many spot. It is like zoo etc. Many student go there for study tour.  That said by our guide . 

Our guide told there are still Portuguese in Melaka. So u should go to Melaka. In Melaka we also went to Masjid Melaka. Masjid with Sumatera's  architecture. The Sumatera's Architecture made because respect to history of Parameswara. Parameswara is from Palembang, part of Sumatera. 

You can go inside but the stairs. I canceled because many of the stairs. Ohhh no I  was tired. So just looked from outside.

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