Sabtu, 18 Februari 2012

tricks for your scale ruler

hi friends
In the cool morning because we was getting rain in the morning.
in Sunday rainy morning. it made me stay in my bed. ok i will give u a tricks for you scale ruler. i have one, it is made by paper. so easily damaged. because i bring it always in my sewing bag. and the problem my scale ruler is longer than my bag.
it is red one, my first scale ruler

look in the picture . it is become 2 part. becouse  i always folded it in the half. So what we can do by it???
do not be sad friends.

so u can look my new scale ruler
in here we call it with laminating
we go to store that receive service laminating
usually the type of store, also selling stationery.
it is cheap and make you scale ruler become durable

2 komentar:

  1. Waah.. ide bagus yg sama sekali gak terpikirkan olehku... :)
    TFS ya Dita..

  2. thanks mbak :) semoga berguna


komen donk :)


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