Sabtu, 18 Februari 2012

simple dress

i made 3 target in this is week. 2 target in sewing , sewing trouser and 1 dress. i started sewing from the dress i need with not so much complicated design. 1 simple dress and it has finished this s morning. oh i m so happy. i get 1 of my target. but unhappiness comes from my trouser. i have not finished that target. so i got the fabric from  Anyar market with 20.000 rupias/meter. not so expensive , i m using 2 m for made it. its made me wanna make again and again with different type clothes.
so if u starting to make your dress. but u are confidence. try to make simple one and using low cost fabric.
step by step by learning.
practice make perfect. in sewing u need more practice. so for first step buy low costly fabric.
u can cut that as u like. and don,t give up.
sometime i made so many mistake. i should remove the thread cos that is out from the line. but u should sure u can make dress. and happy sewing friends :)

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  1. Like this one
    *penggemar baju yang bermodel simple kayak gini :)


komen donk :)


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