Rabu, 05 Juni 2013

my therapy

Eventhought just make pencilcase, it make me so happy. i just want write, so bad, dont care with its right in english tense or not . so i know craft is my friends when i m in bad condition or happyness condition. so let do craft in holiday. make everything u need, free ur mind. everything actually should focus. but i choose to make everything i like. make me fall in craft. so happy holiday. argghhhh nice holiday. make craft n listening song , close to you by Carpenters. but why many ad in youtube. make me crazy some of ad cant skip :( . open news site also ad that realy distrube. so big space ad .
do therapy by your self. when we full with  many pollution,  full day work, or in sadness. therapy by craft (do it if u like) every body has different therapy.
1. sit
2. i need scissor
3. i need glue
4. i need flannel or fabric.
5. make everything u like (dont have idea) open Google. so many tutorial that we can make from simple thing to complex craft :)
starting with easy craft one, from simple tool than we can search in home , or do recycling.

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