Selasa, 12 Juni 2012

mobile case

it is very simple. i need it for my mobile. old mobile so be careful ;) . actually i wanna made tutorial but my camera got low . but it is really simple. the color is pink with love... love pattern cotton. i like yellow actually. may be next for my camera case. so they will safe in my bag that has many contents. sometime i scare water from bottle spill in my bag. yup i should keep electronic thing first . and sometime when we put the bag on the floor, we should be careful.

i don't know why it is idea come? i just wanna share happiness. i will  save money from friends who buy craft thing @50.000 i will save 5000 for help other that need. i just thinking if i m waiting until i rich . i  do not know when the times.  i know it is not games so i should keep promise it. Insyaallah.   

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