Minggu, 20 Mei 2012

dress for my lovely cousin

last day on May19th is my cousin's birthday . no party just cut the cake. actually as Good sister i should gift special thing. i didn't think so much what should i give to her? many my aunt gave dress for her. and i m as not creative sister . yeah made a dress.
and until this is day the dress is unfinished . i need button for the dress. and unlucky sewing shop close every sunday . poor me. hope tomorrow will finish the dress.

i look the style of dress in this is book but using my way to made the pattern. Good book .
simple and i like the book show how cutting the pattern. i was using model 11 for dress.
happy sewing and happy birthday sister :) 

4 komentar:

  1. simple, tapi cantik sekali....
    jadi pingin bikin juga deh

    1. thank you mbak elsa :) mbak juga cantik-cantik bikin baju buat dija


komen donk :)


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